18 Degrees’ series of comedy TVCs for Travel Money has gone gangbusters!

By 18admin Television CommercialsVideo production Brisbane 0 Comment 21 August, 2018

18 Degree’s latest series of comedy TVCs for Flight Centre’s Travel Money Oz have won best in class on YouTube for audience retention – using comedy to connect with audiences and garner over 1.5 million combined views on YouTube so far!

Commercial directors Dan Macarthur and Mel Poole worked with the Flight Centre Travel Group creative team to bring the character of Bernie to the screen – and he’s has become a hit with travellers across the globe.

“Bernie’s character starts out showing us what not to do in the first commercial and by TVC number three he’s working everything out and showing us why the new Currency Pass is essential for travel overseas,” director Mel Poole said.

Working with actor Jimmy Fitz, the 18 Degrees director duo have harnessed some hilarious comedy performances across scenes set at the London Underground, New York City and the Colosseum.

Travel Money Marketing Executive Megan Henderson said the brand is loving the results!
“Our latest series of 3 commercials for Currency Pass have been so well received by our target audience – especially when it comes to brand retention.”
“Directors Dan Macarthur and Mel Poole from 18 Degrees have captured the comedy of our creative intuitively, the result is a campaign which actually has people laughing out loud!” Megan said.

Director Dan Macarthur who was also the DOP on the shoot said a combination of physical and situational comedy adds to Bernie’s plight – one that has left viewers with a smile on their face.

“It’s rare to find an actor who can pull these types of scenes off – Jimmy had to go from crash landings to eating teaspoons of mock-wasabi – he really threw himself into the role,” Dan said.

Shot on Arri Alexa Mini, the Comedy TVCs are being rolled out across various platforms throughout 2018 with the third commercial set to go live early September.

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