Revolutionizing Brisbane’s Film Production Scene with Unreal Engine Directors and Virtual Production

By 18Deg-Admin 0 Comment 5 September, 2023

In the vibrant landscape of Brisbane's film production industry, a cutting-edge revolution is underway, one that's redefining the way movies and content are created. Virtual production, driven by Unreal Engine directors and lighting directors, has become the game-changer, and at the forefront of this transformation stands 18 Degrees, a company… Read more

“Metropius” Writer Ally Burnham Wins Australia’s Top Writing Award, the AWGIE, for her work on the groundbreaking Dieselpunk Sci-Fi animation Metropius.

By 18Deg-Admin 0 Comment 9 February, 2023

Brisbane, Australia - Writer Ally Burnham, a member of the creative team behind the groundbreaking dieselpunk sci-fi animation "Metropius," has won Australia's top writing award, the AWGIE. Set in a three tier world powered by rose diesel, "Metropius" bridges the gap between television, gaming, and immersive experiences, offering audiences a… Read more

Queensland Australia one of the best places to film during COVID

By 18Deg-Admin 0 Comment 25 July, 2020

As film and TV shoots are cancelled across the globe due to COVID19, many production companies are looking for overseas partners who can shoot remotely for them during the pandemic. Queensland, Australia is now one of the best places in the world to shoot during coronavirus lockdown, with almost no… Read more