Director Mel Poole wins West End Film Festival’s Best Music Video for Slowly Draw Back

By 18admin Film 0 Comment 28 May, 2017

Australian director Mel Poole’s new music video for Powderfinger’s Darren Middleton is a beautiful example of reverse direction.

As the first half of “Slowly draw back” is actually recorded in reverse, director Mel Poole wrote a story which picks up on this and shows an old lady rewinding her life’s memories.

“The idea was that at the end of your life you go forth alone and your memories are all you have – good and bad,” Mel said.

Featuring stunning cinematography by Dan Macarthur, the clip was shot in rural Queensland and Brisbane and was set over three time periods.

With stunning performances from Mara Quinn, Christo Barrett-Hall, Patricia Jardin and the three Ziesemer children, Slowly Draw Back is an honest take on what it is to have your life flash before your eyes.

“At the end of your life you don’t just remember the pleasant, joyful times – you remember the mischief and the grief as well and that is what this film captures”, director Mel  Poole said.

The music video was shot on Alexa Mini and produced by 18 Degrees.