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TV Series + Game
Dieselpunk, Sci-fi, Animation

Created by Dan Macarthur

The Metropius animated series is part of an exciting new franchise, already connecting with a global audience. This extraordinary world will grab fans of sci-fi like Bladerunner and Ghost in the Shell, rousing them into stylised noir animation, with crime drama plot lines reminiscent of Peaky Blinders.

The fanbase will be augmented by the Metropius game (concurrently in development), Metropius comic, AR and VR experiences – all feeding our superfans, to create a larger audience for the show.

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The Cherry Sisters Film - 18 Degrees

The Cherry Sisters
Feature (in development)
Drama, Comedy

Director: Mel Poole
Writer: Steve Gottlieb

Before “American Idol” and “Popstars”, there were The Cherry Sisters, from Marion, Iowa, who started off bad and made a fortune
staying that way.
*Based on a true story* In 1896, three sisters from Iowa create the worst act on vaudeville, perform nationally to tomato-tossing
audiences. Suing a local newspaper after a bad review, the sisters loss becomes the basis for “Freedom of comment” media laws in
the US. Their notoriety increases as audiences flock to witness this incredibly disastrous trio who go on to sell out the largest
theatre in New York.

Nice Package
Action, Comedy

Director: Dan Macarthur

A wannabe professional thief, his gay best friend, a sexy hostage, some thugs and a mystery package everyone wants.

Sales Agent: Shoreline Entertainment (LA)

ANZ Distributor: Pinnacle Films

Nice Package plays out like a Guy Ritchie flick. Confident in what it wants to achieve… Nice Package is at its best when it wants to make you smile.” John Noonan, FilmInk.

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The Suicide Theory

Director: Dru Brown

Produced in conjunction with Seven8Media.

A suicidal man hires a demented killer to assist him in suicide, but for some reason, miraculously survives each attempt on his life.

Winner: Hollywood Dances with Films, Grad Jury Prize

Winner: Audience Award, Austin Film Festival

ANZ Distributor: Netflix

Theatrical Release in the USA

Sock and Buskin
Drama, Comedy

Director: Mel Poole

A clown who has lost his happiness encounters a little homeless girl while performing in the village square and together they find joy in the gift of laughter.

Winner: Audience Award, St Kilda Film Festival



Director: Mel Poole

Inspired by a true account, Charlie tells the story of a man who spent his life on the streets after a horrific tragedy changed his life forever. Gradually he learns to trust again as he takes his first steps to self forgiveness.

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Anthesis of Man

Director: Dan Macarthur

Starring: Gyton Grantley, Leon Cain.

Unhappy with his lack of male anatomy, a male sculpture comes to life and demands that his creator gives him his manhood.

Winner: Best Dark Comedy, Austin Comedy Short Film Festival

Winner: Best Short Film, Special Mention, IndieFest


Director: Mel Poole

A bed-wetting boy desperate to go to scout camp learns a valuable life lesson from his irascible grandfather.

Winner: People’s Choice and Best QLD Film, Australian Independent Film Festival