“Metropius” Writer Ally Burnham Wins Australia’s Top Writing Award, the AWGIE, for her work on the groundbreaking Dieselpunk Sci-Fi animation Metropius.

By 18Deg-Admin FilmUncategorized 0 Comment 9 February, 2023

Brisbane, Australia – Writer Ally Burnham, a member of the creative team behind the groundbreaking dieselpunk sci-fi animation “Metropius,” has won Australia’s top writing award, the AWGIE. Set in a three tier world powered by rose diesel, “Metropius” bridges the gap between television, gaming, and immersive experiences, offering audiences a thrilling and sometimes hilarious journey into an alternate time.

The project began as an animation created by Dan Macarthur and the team at 18 Degrees Films in Brisbane, Australia and has since gained an international following. The first edition of the “Metropius” comic was launched in 2022 and was widely acclaimed as one of the best independent comics of the year.

This year, the “Metropius” team has big plans in store, including the development of a cutting-edge immersive experience to submit to the SXSW festival in Sydney in October. They are also working on a trading card game and an immersive gaming platform. Fans of the franchise can sign up at www.metropius.com to stay updated on the latest developments.

Ally Burnham’s win at the AWGIE Awards is a testament to her exceptional talent as a writer and commitment to producing high-quality, engaging storytelling. Keep an eye out for “Metropius” at SXSW in Sydney, and get ready to experience a world unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!