Need remote filming in Australia? Our producers are the cure (we’ve got the hospital to prove it.)

Hospitals are usually something you try to avoid. Not us. In fact, we kinda built one for a recent remote shoot


One of the ironies of the pandemic is how it’s both isolated and bound us closer together by forcing us to innovate. For 18 degrees this has meant a growing client base of international clients seeking out our services for remote shooting. This means we complete the shoots that have become too impractical for the agency or company to complete on their home turf.


With communication technology never stronger and Australia’s world-class talent and production facilities, and our COVID-free population, we’re an inviting option. 


Based in sunny Queensland, 18 degrees is one of the leading Australian producers for assisting international clients to get the remote shots they need. Our line producers have provided remote shooting for a significant list of international clients, including Hewlett Packard, Expedia and IBM. The standards are high with these Fortune 500 company shoots and we’re grateful to have access to Australia’s cutting-edge studio film infrastructure and talent pool. 


The Australian production environment has never been better, strengthened on the back of Hollywood productions, major ad campaigns, and a constant high-end domestic production roster. 


Are you an overseas or international company seeking remote shooting in Australia? 18 Degrees Australian line producers can fill production gaps to help you overcome travel restrictions caused by the global pandemic. Contact us here.


18 degrees can help by: 

  • Creating, dressing and filming sets that mimic perfectly your origin country’s environment (see below our work with Hewlett Packard to recreate the look and feel of a US hospital), 
  • Remote filming in Australia, utilising the country’s renowned natural assets. Spectacular mountain ranges, rainforests teeming with exotic life, idyllic beaches, vast deserts, and fertile, agricultural landscapes—we got ‘em. And whenever you’re desperate, we can always chuck a koala or a kangaroo in there. Guaranteed to get your viewer’s attention.
  • Our heavily populated major capital cities, including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, are perfect backdrops for shots requiring vibrant and busy urban environments. Australia is uniquely placed with cities that have both traditional European and hyper-modern city aesthetics. 


If you have a remote shooting problem, we are the doctor. Literally. For a recent major shoot with Hewlett Packard, our amazing art department transformed Brisbane’s Mater Hospital to look just like a US hospital — researching down to the meticulous detail to recreate scrubs and name badges identical to what American viewers would expect to see. 


Picking up what we’re putting down? Like the cut of our jib? Think we can humbly serve you? Let’s talk.