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By 18 Degrees October 22, 2017

Brand Marketing With a Difference

‘Today I’ is an internal brand marketing video created for Allianz Worldwide Partners in Brisbane. It features a range of Allianz’s employees, from Customer Service Assistants to Human Resource Managers and proudly highlights the difference that each of its employees makes to the company. From saving babies locked in cars to assisting customers to have a better quality of life, the video showcases each individual’s contribution in a candid and personal way. This internal corporate video was directed by Mel Poole and shot on the stylish Arri Alexa Mini, by cinematographer Dan Macarthur


Internal Brand Marketing


Corporate Video Benefits

Compared to the more traditional, archaic forms of brand marketing (print, email etc.), internal brand  marketing videos like this can provide companies with a huge range of benefits such as improved staff morale and productivity. This video was a delight to shoot as it showcases the positive work culture of Allianz Worldwide Partners and the integrity of its staff in a big way. Aside from these obvious benefits, internal corporate videos like this are easily portable (across a variety of platforms) and can be used further down the track as recruitment videos. According to the Linkedin’s 2017 Global Recruiting Trends Report, “over 80% of leaders acknowledge that employer branding has a significant impact on their ability to hire talent.” 

With a creative and talented production team, your business could use video marketing as a highly engaging tool to motivate or re-energise your employees,  and create tangible evidence of their workplace ethos. Brand marketing is all about selling the experience your company has to offer.

So it makes sense to utilise a production company that has the experience and storytelling know-how to produce these experience rich branding pieces. 

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