Recruitment Video Marketing: A Fix For Your Recruitment Nightmare

The days have long gone that businesses can just rely on traditional methods of recruitment (posts on job seeking websites, headhunting or referrals). To increase the amount of quality applicants and decrease employee turnover, businesses need to be creative and tech-savvy. They need to engage professionals in an interactive way through charismatic, high quality content that can be published on several different platforms.

To see an example of this in action, check out our “Today I” recruitment video.

The Problem:

Aberdeen’s Talent Acquisition 2014 research has shown, “79% of all companies indicate that their biggest talent acquisition hurdle today is the lack of needed talent in the workforce.”

Source: Skillsroad, 2017

To make matters worse, employers are using a long-winded hiring process that can be extremely costly. Statistics from Linkedin’s ‘Global Recruiting Trends 2017’, show that the average cost per hire can be up to $5,000 a position and can businesses anywhere up to 4 months to find the right applicant. These traditional methods often result in a small pool of talent that may not fully fit the company culture. In other words, it doesn’t provide a huge return on investment, yet companies are still spending most of their budget on these old, stale tactics (i.e. job boards, staffing agencies).

Source: Linkedin, 2017

The Solution:

The trending response to this problem is video recruitment promotion, where companies can find a quick, effective and inexpensive way of advertising their vacancies through a popular platform- such as online video. Not only will this form of recruitment advertising speed up the hiring process, it provides tangible evidence of the culture, ethos and benefits of the workplace to attract the right kind of applicants. The goal here should be to focus on creating videos that build emotional connections with its viewers (which is exactly what film makers know how to do best). What’s more, solutions such as video interviewing and video branding make the job of recruiters and hiring managers even easier, as these practitioners can identify, interview, and hire top talent faster and more effectively.  Finally, if the distribution of a recruitment video is done correctly, recruitment videos can provide high returns on investment or potentially ‘go viral’. Below you can see some of our favourite examples of how organisations have used emotive and creative ways of connecting with their audience.

Our Favourites

The recruitment video game has definitely increased, from ‘gamified’ interactive videos, to humourous pieces with puppets acting as the employees of the firm. So here are a few examples of recruitment content that we love:


1. Will You Fit Into Deloitte?.

Source: Deloitte & Raptmedia


Deloitte’s ‘gamified interactive recruitment experience’ video, where the viewer plays a first person POV day in the life of an employee and works their way through various situations one would encounter at Deloitte and aims to choose the right option and are given organisational culture lessons at every step of the video. The video is totally engaging and uses humour in a very distinct way.


2. Working at Dropbox

Source: Dropbox Youtube Channel, 2014.


Another is Dropbox’s ‘Working at Dropbox’, which features puppets as the employees, telling their audience why they love working there. This really highlights that the firm has a great work culture and a sense of humour, which should only attract bubbly, passionate employees. More so, with over 145, 000 views, this video has successfully improved its brand image without spending the big bucks on production.

3. This is Zendesk

Source: Youtube ‘Zendesk’, 2012

Zendesk’s ‘This is Zendesk’ is an awesome example of how something simple can create a lasting impact. Here we are introduced to the different facets of an employee’s day at Zendesk. A narrator introduces us to who the applicant’s co-workers are, where its employees go for drinks, the local neighbourhood, and has a huge focus on humanising the workplace, or giving it a personality. The video also uses humour, telling the viewer, “this is a chair. This chair is sad without you” and that, “at Zendesk, we don’t judge victory dancing”. This video really demonstrates what you can do with a limited budget and a lot of creativity.



What’s the Return?

Our research has pointed out the following stats about the kinds of returns companies have seen on their recruitment videos:

  • companies with video interviewing tools in place are 2.7 x more likely to improve their cost per hire, than those who don’t.
  • corporate adoption of both video employer branding and video interviewing has grown by 13% and 8.8%, respectively, since 2013.
  • 80% of talent leaders agree that employer brand has a significant impact on their ability to hire great talent.

Source: VideoZee, 2017

Video marketing in an empowering resource for HR departments, it allows them to easily and effectively communicate with any potential employees, which is fundamental when hiring the best-suited talent. Companies now have the opportunity to make the hiring process more interactive then ever before, as most candidates will own a smartphone, tablet or computer. After all, video enables better communication and fosters stronger relationships with today’s tech-savvy workforce.

So if you’re struggling with finding high quality candidates and have a high turnover of employees (who do not fit your vision) it’s time to think about trying a fresh approach. Dedicate more of your budget to social media marketing and powerful recruitment/ branding videos rather than using stale old methods, such as recruitment agencies or job boards. Chances are the people who are visiting your page and sharing your recruitment video are already big endorsers for your brand. So be daring and creative, contact us to discuss our exciting video marketing packages. We can help you find the solution to your recruitment nightmare.