SXSW Sydney Panel Explores the Future of Media: AI, Virtual Production, and More

By 18Deg-Admin Uncategorized 0 Comment 5 September, 2023

The world of media and entertainment is in the midst of a seismic transformation, driven by virtual production, AI content generation tools, and real-time media. To shed light on these revolutionary changes and their implications, a distinguished panel of experts has been selected to speak at SXSW Sydney. Among the panelists is Mel Poole of 18 Degrees, whose involvement promises to bring valuable insights to the forefront.

Mel Poole,  a director at 18 Degrees, is no stranger to innovation in the entertainment industry. With her extensive background in film and technology, she’s poised to provide a unique perspective on the impact of virtual production and AI content generation. Moreover, Joe Millward, technology advisor for the 18 Degrees and General Manager at world-leading Immersive Technology Platform Talespin , will share his expertise on the latest technological developments and their relevance to the evolving media landscape.

Ally Burnham, a talented writer for Metropius, joins the panel to discuss the evolving creative process in this new media era. Her AWGIE Award-winning experience will shed light on how the convergence of technologies affects character development, plot structure, and storytelling in a trans-media world.

In this era of personalized content, audience engagement is paramount. The panelists will delve into how interactive content tailored to individual preferences is reshaping the industry. The discussion will reveal how new technology platforms enable this interactivity and why strategic content planning is essential for project success in this evolving landscape.

Moderating this engaging and informative session is Mike Goldman, a well-known perfomer, and former host of Big Brother. His charismatic presence will ensure that the panel not only informs but entertains, making it a must-attend event at SXSW Sydney.

The panel will dissect current business models and industry norms, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the future of media. From virtual production to AI-driven content creation and real-time media, these technologies are poised to redefine how we create and consume media while reshaping job roles within the industry.

For those looking to gain a deeper insight into the rapidly evolving media landscape, this SXSW Sydney panel promises to be an enlightening and entertaining experience, offering a glimpse into the future of storytelling and entertainment. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the convergence of technology and creativity with some of the industry’s most influential voices.