Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality and 360 Video

18 Degrees can work with you to produce virtual reality experiences and 360 video in Brisbane and across Australia. Using the latest cameras and shooting techniques our team can create, develop and produce VR commercials and film.

We can produce immersive VR commercials built for devices like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear or Google Cardboard and most secondary devices.

We also shoot 360 videos for property, tourism, retail and events which can be easily displayed on social media, online and viewed on almost any device.

18 Degrees teams up with Australia’s leading virtual reality experts and post services – giving us the knowledge to work in this rapidly changing field.

Here’s why VR Marketing campaigns are so successful:

VR enhances engagement and awareness for the following reasons:

  • Immersive – users wearing a headset are completely immersed in the content meaning fewer distractions and more attention on the message.
  • Impactful– the intensity of a VR experience is greater than traditional media generating strong emotions in its users which are linked to real behaviour change.
  • Memorable – our brains are built to remember events linked to locations, this means that VR experiences have a longer trace in the audience’s memory.
  • Novel – with high media and public interest in VR early adopters can benefit from favourable media exposure.

360 Videos

As the name suggest, these video are shot with a 360 camera rig and can capture a 360 view of the environment. 360 video can be easily view on most devices and is also becoming commonplace on Facebook and YouTube.

These are great for:

  • Tourism and tours
  • Events
  • Property and development
  • Trade shows
  • Q & As
  • Viral videos

Talk to us about using VR or 360 video for your brand.

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